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Disclosure is important!

I am a Blogger using Affiliate Links, Ads & Sponsored posts therefore it must be disclosed!

  • Here on KatieLewLa Ads, Sponsored Posts, Affiliate Links and other forms of generating an income are used (within reason). Ads currently taking place on KatieLewLa are Google Adsense & Skimlinks.
  • All content and opinions posted on KatieLewLa are 100% genuine, honest and mine unless stated otherwise e.g. guest posts.
  • Any Sponsored content will be disclosed with an asterix* at the start of the post.
  • All sponsored content is honest and I would never falsify an opinion of an item/product for financial benefit. My readers are the most important aspect of this blog and therefore all content will remain genuine.
  • Fake Reviews will NEVER be seen on KatieLewLa, therefore if I don’t like a product/item then I will either disclose this with my readers or choose not to review it or mention it on KatieLewLa. We unfortunately can’t love everything!

For further information then please contact me via the Contact page