Zoella Beauty Scooper Dooper Bath Soak

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Zoella Beauty Scooper Dooper foaming bath soak

Zoella Beauty products have been going for quite some time now but surprisingly I hadn’t tried any, until I received the Zoella Beauty Scooper Dooper foaming bath soak for Christmas. I had a little browse among the blogosphere for reviews about the product – as I always do before trying something new (blogger habit) – but couldn’t actually find many. It seems of all the Zoella Beauty reviews flooding the internet that Scooper Dooper isn’t high up in the ranks, so here is one!

Zoella Beauty Scooper Dooper foaming bath soak

I jumped straight in and used the product as instructed on the tub. I scooped a small handful of product and swirled it under warm running water as instructed – not really knowing what to expect – and WOW there were so many bubbles that I got a little giddy. Who doesn’t love oodles of bubbles? I certainly do and Zoella Beauty Scooper Dooper did not disappoint. I’m actually unsure if any product I’ve used in the past has produced this many bubbles, not even my trusty radox or a Lush Bubble Bar. Unbelievable! I was so excited about the amount of bubbles taking over my bath that I couldn’t wait to get in.

The scent is really fresh and lightly floral. I usually tend to opt for fruity scents with my bath and body products but it turns out that I adore the scent of Scooper Dooper. It’s not overpowering and to be honest it doesn’t linger on your skin afterwards (which I usually like) but that doesn’t matter because my Scooper Dooper bath was heaven!

As if oodles of bubbles isn’t enough to make you enjoy this product, it’s also packed with some pretty amazing skin conditioning ingredients such as Vitamin E, Aloe and Shea Butter. Winner winner!

So let’s just recap those Pros and Cons so you can establish if Zoella Beauty Scooper Dooper is a product you would like to try.


Zoella Beauty Scooper Dooper bubbles like no other! Enough said.

The packaging has a really cool scooping concept which allows you to measure exactly how much product you would like to use

After bathing (for at least an hour in my case) your skin will feel lovely and soft from all the nourishing ingredients

With a generous 400ml of product, Scooper Dooper should stick around for quite a while


The only con that I can really think of for Scooper Dooper is its price tag. At ¬£7.50 in Superdrug there are much cheaper alternatives, but if you want to give yourself a treat then I would recommend buying this product. If you’re not happy spending this much money then keep your eyes peeled for superdrug’s regular offers on the Zoella Beauty range.

Find Zoella Beauty Scooper Dooper and the full Zoella Range at Superdrug or alternatively on Feelunique.

I have some other Zoella Beauty products in the pipeline to review so watch this space and let me know your favourite products from her range in the comments below please.


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