Ebay Summer bargains | Guest Post by Olivia Golding

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eBay bargains
eBay bargains


Summer bargains waiting for you on eBay
Now summer’s finally here, it’s time to pack away your
tights and show off a new wardrobe of bright and beautiful clothing! The
problem is, after all those months of cold and rain, my summer wardrobe is
looking a bit bare.
Luckily, I’ve found some absolute bargains on eBay
recently and I’ve discovered that with a bit of looking around, you can easily
create some on-trend looks for half the price you would if you were buying them
in the shops.
Obviously eBay is ever changing, but if you find yourself
a good seller, you can return to them time and time again. So, here are some
top eBay finds, as well as some uber-trendy items I’ll be looking to purchase
while the sun is still shining!
I love Benefit
make-up, but there’s no denying it’s pretty pricey. Luckily, it’s a popular brand
on eBay and if you hunt for sellers like this you can get everything from foundation and
powder to lip gloss and mascara that is very close to the real thing. My
personal favourite is High Lights by Technic (similar to Benefit’s High Beam) which gives a subtle but
sexy shimmer when gently blended on your cheekbones.
Barry M nail polish
My number one
nail polish colour for summer 2013 has got to be mint green. It’s fresh and a
bit different, while still giving off a cool summery vibe. Plus it looks just
as good clashed with red or pink as it does with tonal hues. This Barry M colour is one of my favourites.
Plaits are a
super cute way to wear your hair up when the weather’s hot. If your hair is too
short and refuses to stay plaited, cheat and use some fake hair instead. I
found these bargain braided hairbands for less than £2.
Midi dresses
Midi dresses are my summer evening staple. They’re
stylish and look great with both heels and strappy sandals, while the longer
sleeved versions are perfect for breezy nights when the sun’s set. This cool dress
from Missguided has leatherette sleeves for a tough finish – I’d team it with
heeled ankle boots.
Beanie hats
Unless you’ve been living in a bubble, you’ll be all too
aware of Cara Delevingne and her style. Because of her beanie hats are huge at
the moment (even though it’s 30 degrees C outside…) and you can save yourself
money by picking one up on eBay.
Printed trousers
Patterned trousers are another summer essential for me.
All you need to add is a simple vest or T-shirt and you’re ready to go. I
spotted these
Topshop beauties for considerably less than their £40 shop price! A quick search
for ‘printed trousers’ will bring up all sorts of great results for you.
As you can see, you don’t have to spend hours trawling
through the listings to find yourself a bargain. My advice is: if you want to
buy something you know you’re only going to be wearing over summer, check eBay
first. You’ll bag some great new clothes but without spending a fortune on
things you’ll only wear for a few months.
Happy hunting!
“This post was contributed by Olivia Golding and I hope you enjoyed my post! I love finding a good bargain, especially with the choice of Missguided bikinis! I hope my post will help you get some decent items on the cheap, let us know in the comment below what you find! Thank you!”
Hope you’ve enjoyed this guest post from Olivia! Let us know what you think in the comments!


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