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I was super giddy when I was contacted by Megan from Citypress in regards to attending the Street Style Event at Wheatley, Doncaster, because nothing exciting like this ever happens in my area – particularly nothing that a beauty blogger such as myself would get excited about. Street Style events are happening nationwide and they provide high street shoppers with the latest fashion and beauty trends and tips. There would be beauty therapists providing a number of complimentary mini treatments as well as TV fashion stylist JP Hevey holding talks on Autumn/Winter key trends. So without further ado let me share with you my experience of the day.
Firstly there was what to wear. I feel that there is a certain amount of pressure for bloggers attending events to stand out in the crowd, to present themselves in a certain way and to be on trend and looking fabulous, but in all honesty that is just not my style. I felt so nervous about what to wear and how to look but in the end I told myself, I can only be true to myself. I wanted to be comfortable, happy that I hadn’t tried too hard and give a true representation of me. I opted for a comfy pinafore with a frilly sleeved crop top underneath, teamed with my comfiest pair of leggings and my trusty converse. I didn’t go over the top with my makeup or hair, I kept it natural – KatieLewLa style.

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When I arrived at the Street Style Event, I was greeted by the lovely Ishta, who couldn’t do enough to welcome me and my friend. We were ushered straight over to the delectable Wilma’s Cupcakery for drinks and cupcakes. WOW, this place was wonderful. The majority of the cupcakes were based on delicious sweeties, that made me very nostalgic and it was super difficult to decide which to have. Gemma and Will were so generous and gave us a box of four to take away with us. We chatted with them for a while about their business and they showed us some amazing photos of their mouthwatering designs. You can even hire Cakey McCakeface for weddings and events and I would seriously consider this because their cakes are totally scrumdiddlyumptious! Here is a link to their Facebook page so check them out!

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I then went on to watch a short fashion talk from the man himself JP Hevey and it was actually really useful. I am by no means a fashion guru and don’t touch upon fashion much here on KatieLewLa, however I do love to shop and keep up with the latest trends (providing they tickle my fancy). All of the items included in the discussion were from Matalan and Next and I have to say that Matalan came up trumps for me. I especially loved the Victoria fashion section. This was filled with pretty victorian style long sleeved shirts with frills and ruffles, so pretty for underneath a cute pinafore or teamed with a skirt and tights. It was inspiring to see so many patterns and textures teamed together to create layers and different dynamics to an outfit, I will certainly be experimenting with this. JP definitely knew his stuff and he was so friendly, approachable and happy to chat about what might work for you.
(Just look at that beautiful autumnal pinafore)

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Now here was my favourite part of the day. Getting my makeup done by the wonderful Stacey Lincoln. Stacey asked if I would be her model for the Beauty chat and she took my natural makeup look from daytime to nighttime with a couple of nifty tricks. When she showed me the colours that she was going to use for my ombre lip look I was pretty damn terrified, as I’m not very daring with my choice in lip shades. The first shade was Mac Rebel and the second (unfortunately I can’t remember the name) was a dark purple that almost looked black. She began by applying the Mac Rebel all over my lips without lip liner. She then went in with the second shade. Stacey applied this to the inner corners and also in the middle to create a fuller looking lip. the texture that she managed to achieve was insanely good and is something that I’ve never attempted to do myself. Afterwards she applied a lip liner and cleaned up round my lips with a small foundation brush and some concealer to finish them off and really make them pop. She smudged some kohl eyeliner underneath my bottom lashes to frame my eye and give them more of a smokey look – appropriate for evenings – and then added some highlighter to my cheekbones and cupids bow to define my face. Stacey only changed three things with my makeup but it was so cleverly done and my look went from very subtle and natural to a bold and vampy evening look. I surprisingly loved it and will definitely be purchasing some darker lip colours for autumn/winter.
Take a look at Stacey’s Instagram to see more of her beautiful makeup looks, or check out her website
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As if I hadn’t been pampered enough already, I then hopped aboard the Street Style Bus to receive some mini treatments. The lovely Christina Kossa gave me a nice relaxing mini hand massage which left my hands and nails prepped and moisturised to go on for a mini manicure. I was lucky enough to have my nails done by perfectionist Gina, who took her time to make sure my nails were looking fabulous. She used all OPI products which obviously made me very happy and the colour I chose was beautiful. The shade was OPI – Ink (which can be found here on amazon) and I will almost certainly be purchasing it. The photo below doesn’t do it justice because the lighting on the street style bus wasn’t fantastic but the colour was a dark purple with a really fine purple and blue shimmer (think galaxy nails), love love love.
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Overall the day was so laid back, everyone I met was super friendly and couldn’t do enough to make me feel beautiful inside and out. Any anxieties I had about what was expected of me as a blogger disappeared the moment that I met Ishta and the rest of the team – I almost wished I could jump on board the funky street style bus and travel with them to their next destination as there is so much to learn from this lovely bunch of professionals.
The street style bus will be stopping next at; 
Mayflower – 15th & 16th October –
Nugent – 22nd & 23rd October –
If you’re around those areas then I’d strongly recommend taking a trip to meet the lovely team for some top tips, trends, pampering and of course Yummy cakes!
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I went on home to enjoy a feast of Wilma’s Cupcakes with my friend who came along to the event with me for support and pampering. Boy were they tasty. Of all the flavours, I think my favourite had to be Nutella. My love affair with Nutella is not one to be meddled with, although the strawberry bon bon and candy floss cupcakes were also very sweet and delicious. The cupcake coma I was in afterwards was delightfully fulfilling haha!
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Have you been to one of the Street Style Events near you?
Let me know how your day was and send me links in the comments, I’d love to see your photos and hear about your experience.
I had a very enjoyable day and I hope the Street Style Bus will be returning to Doncaster again in the future. Pleeeeeease!
Thanks for reading! Hope this was useful.
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