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Regrams are a great way to have your photos noticed on Instagram. We all know how difficult it can be to get appreciation for our photography on Instagram and when we are regrammed it makes us all a little bit giddy about who might see the photos. I can admit I get very excited about being regrammed. It’s nice that someone else can see the potential in your photography enough to share it with their followers and Instagram community. Therefore a great way to help each other on Instagram would be to regram and give credit to those with good photographs that deserve some attention. Instagram regram for travel bloggers, repost travel photography, be noticed on Instagram, katielewla

Hence the reason I am starting a weekly regram for newly established travel bloggers. I know how difficult it is to try and be recognised and therefore I would love to share the love for other peoples travel photography  and hopefully send some love their way.

I will only post photos that I feel fit in with my Instagram content. I will keep my theme intact and select photos that are similar to my own and that I think my followers will also like.

Simply hashtag #katielewla in your travel photos on Instagram to be in with a chance of a feature. I recognise that I am not a “well known” travel blogger and I don’t have a mass of followers but every little helps right? If we all shared the love for each other in this way then we could all help each other.

Remember hashtag #katielewla on Instagram for your travel photos if you would like to be featured and I will contact you personally to let you know that I will regram. All credit will be given to the photographers in my usual post style with all appropriate hashtags.

Let me know your thoughts on this new venture of mine.

Happy hash tagging!

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