Products for uneven skintone

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products for uneven skin tone
 Uneven skin tone is something that I suffer with and have done for as long as I can remember. I also have a freckle face which makes it look worse than it is (thanks mum). Only recently have I decided that I’ve had enough & want to do something to try and combat it! After much research (google is such a wonderful place) & spending of my monies I have a new skincare routine specially designed to fight off this problem that’s been irritating me for SO long and help to prevent it from worsening in the future.
I will try and go in some form of logical order from morning to night….
First up in helping with uneven skin tone….
products for uneven skin tone

 Botanics Refreshing Eye Roll-On

 I have ridiculous dark circles round my eyes which I’ve discovered can lead to a whole world of things from dehydration to lack of sleep to sun damage etc etc. A good way to try and reduce these circles is to drink lots of water and use a good refreshing/hydrating eye cream.
This eye roll-on claims to “target the appearance of dark circles and puffiness”. Now the reason I chose this one in particular is because A. Boots Botanics range are natural products and I don’t particularly like the idea of putting chemicals under my eyes. And. B. It contains natural AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) which exfoliate the skin leaving it smoother & brighter. A key ingredient to better skin tone.
I will report back on this product at a later date when I have given it a sufficient trial but so far I am enjoying using it as it wakes my eyes up in a morning.
Onto the next step…
Avene Cleanance K Review

 Avene Cleanance K Cream-Gel

Again I’ve gone for a product which contains AHA’s & BHA’s (beta hydroxy acids) to unclog my pores and reveal brighter, smoother looking skin which really helps with uneven skin tone. This product is aimed at oily, blemish prone skin but does state that its Avene Thermal Spring Water reduces any risk of irritation. It does sting slightly when you first apply it but it is working as a great base for my make-up as it instantly removes shine from my face and keeps it oil free. Again I’ll be reporting back after longer usage.
3rd & I think most importantly…
Garnier BB Cream
The reason I’m opting to use this particular make-up base at the moment is that it contains SPF15.  SPF’s are important to use so that you avoid uneven skin tone. The two previous products I mentioned contain AHA’s & BHA’s that may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun, so it is really important to wear an SPF in conjunction with these products. Better to be safe than sorry I always say.
In the evening after taking off my make-up….
soap & glory and liz earle face scrubs

Face Scrub

I use either one of these facial exfoliators to remove dead skin from the surface of my face, resulting in brighter, clearer skin with less risk of uneven skintone. This is the number one tip for fighting uneven skin tone. Regenerating the skin!!
I love both of these facial scrubs.
Before bed I apply….
Garnier Anti-Aging Night cream

 Garnier UltraLift Nourishing Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Yes I am well aware that this is an Anti-Wrinkle cream and I am only 22 years of age but bare with me…
The reason behind this is that a key ingredient for targeting uneven skin tone is Vitamin A. Vitamin A in it’s purest form cannot be used in skin creams as it is too strong, but Vitamin A can like many other ingredients be ‘diluted’ shall we say & this in effect creates Retinol. I searched for daaaaaays for a moisturiser, serum or treatment that contained Retinol but I was unsuccessful as the only products really containing this were Anti-Aging creams. Eventually I thought what the hell? and bought one anyway (I suppose you can never start too early).
Already I have noticed visible changes in my skin. It appears much firmer, smoother, hydrated and….. wait for it….. EVEN! YESSSSSS!! I just hope that these results are consistent and it’s not just coincidence. One of my closest friends made a comment about how much more radiant my skin was looking so I told her my secret and she couldn’t believe it. But ssssshhhh!
This cream has a 28 day skin test on the box so that you can see results but I’m starting to see them already. I’ll stick at it for the 28 days and more than likely longer 🙂 Happy Katieeee.
Last but not least..
My trusty Sudocrem. I only recently started using this again & I wonder why I ever pushed it to the back of my cupboard. It’s a wonder cream. Once a week I apply it all over my face before bed & the next morning my skin is far more radiant than before, and it’s also great for fighting spots.
I recommend everyone to try it as it’s so cheap & might just work for you!
So there we have it. my new skincare routine to fight uneven skin tone. In about a months time I will report my findings and hopefully my skin will have had a miraculous turnaround (or maybe will just be slightly better)
Are there any other products that you would recommend I try?
Thanks for reading, Hope you enjoy.
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  1. Great post Katie 🙂 I also have freckles…mine are thanks to my Dad though. I like the sound of the Botanics I also suffer from dark circles, ergh! I may have to try this xxx

  2. Oh so loving all these tips! I have far the worst circles beneath my eyes and concealer does help to hide it but it doesn't attack the problem itself. Think I might try and adjust my skin care plan, great skin really shows!
    Thank you for all the tips 🙂 Maya

  3. Oooo I really want to try Scrub Your Nose In It! Really needing some new skin saviours right now, my skins being incredibly difficult at the moment.

    Lovely blog!

    Charlotte xo

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