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pastel pink hair
As some of you are already aware I felt a bit wild yesterday and decided to go pink! As promised I’m writing this post to tell you all how I achieved it, so that if you’re ever feeling a little on the wild side you can join me in the pastel pink parade!
pastel pink hair
I would just like to state that I am by noooo means a hairdresser or an expert at colouring. This is just what has worked for me but it might also be useful for you too if you like to experiment with funky colours.
Here’s how I achieved this look….
  • Step 1: I purchased one of the Schwarzkopf XXL Ultra Brights from Boots in shade 91- Raspberry Rebel (and a rebel I was feeling hehe)
  • Step 2: In a bowl (of any kind), I added about 1/8 of the Raspberry Rebel colour creme.
  • Step 3. I then added to the bowl 1 sachet of conditioner which comes with the Ultra Brights colour kit. I also added quite a bit of extra conditioner, any will do as long as it’s white/cream in colour. I used the TIGI Oatmeal & Honey conditioner (review here) as it’s quite light and gentle.
  • Step 4. I shampooed my hair using a PH balanced shampoo and towel dried it afterwards.
  • Step 5. I applied the colour/conditioner to my shampooed hair using the gloves provided, making sure that every bit of hair was covered. You might want to comb through it with a wide toothed comb to make sure it’s evenly distributed.
  • Step 6. Take a further minute to make sure it’s massaged into the roots properly.
  • Step 7. I went downstairs made dinner and watched the finale of Luther which was epic by the way!
  • Step 8. After about 2 hours I went in the shower and rinsed out the colour/conditioner using cool water so that it didn’t strip too much colour.
Aaaaaaand voila!
pastel pink hair
Be sure to use the shower on a cool setting and also any heat appliances on the coolest settings. The more heat you apply the more the colour will fade. This colour isn’t permanent so it will wash out in just a few washes therefore you can leave the colour on for as long as you desire. It will do more good for your hair than harm the longer it’s left on.
As you can see it’s taken to my hair better on some parts than others. This is due to the fact that my hair is ombre. The pink is much brighter on the ends of my hair which are pre-lightened and also on any natural highlights from sun. Overall I am very impressed with the results from the Schwarzkopf Ultra Brights and I’m quite fancying trying the purple next to see how that goes. They leave my hair feeling lovely, soft and shiny and the conditioner included reminds me strangely of calpol! haha! I will definitely repurchase this but the beauty of diluting it with conditioner for a more pastel shade is that it will last for approximately 8 applications!
And just for your amusement I thought it would be fun to include a couple of silly photo’s. My partner was taking the pictures of me out in the garden and let’s just say I got a little bit silly as usual 🙂
pastel pink hair

I hope this has been helpful for you lovely colour junkies out there!


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  1. You're hair looks so beautiful with pink! Ah I'm jealous! I really want to try this, but with purple I don't think it'd work on my brown hair thought! Fab post!

  2. Did you bleach your hair first or no? How long did it last and did it permanently leave any weird color hue? I have dirty blonde hair and want to give it a go! 🙂

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