Pastel-Coloured Hair: Maintenance and Care

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pastel hair colour and maintenance

Pastel-coloured hair is all the rage these days. Gone are the fashion trends for natural looks, it’s about the big and the bold when it comes to colour, and this trend isn’t going away. If you think you can handle some light shades in exciting hues, there are some things worth thinking about first. Pastel-coloured hair requires maintenance before and after the style is applied so be sure to think carefully if this is what you want. To help you decide we’ve written a handy guide to the kinds of maintenance that will be required, from how to get the style right in the first place to the important equipment you’ll need: a good detangling brush, a few deep-treat moisturisers and more.

Pastel-coloured Hair care and maintenence

Think carefully about what you want first

Once you get pastel-coloured hair it’s going to be that way for a while so give the issue some thought. Do you want it all over or just as highlights? Have you thought of low-lights? These are increasingly popular in the pastel-coloured world and could be a good place to start for those new to more unnatural hues. Also, bear in mind pastel shades tend to fade faster than other semi-permanent colours, so you’ll have to keep on top of your hair care at home!

Prep wisely with leave-in conditioner

Any kind of colouring can weaken hair so just as you would before a normal dyeing session it’s important to moisturise well from root to tip. This is even more important with pastels as lighter colours often mean bleaching first or at least using pretty strong products. Get yourself a leave-in conditioner and apply to the strands after shampooing. And if you’re a fan of natural beauty coconut oil is also a wonderful moisturiser – a weekly hair mask will keep your locks healthy before and after hair dyeing.

Do it yourself

You should definitely see a professional hairstylist the first time you’re dying your hair a pastel colour (or any colour for that matter), but afterwards, with the proper advice and instructions in mind you can keep on top of your candy-coloured locks at home. Do your homework and research non-damaging semi-permanent dyes so you can avoid visiting the salon every single time you need to re-dye or touch-up the roots.

Use the right products afterwards

Once your gorgeous new look is finished be sure to keep it in tip top condition by doing the essential post-style maintenance. Arm yourself with important equipment like a good quality detangling brush for your hair type and heavy-duty conditioner, and make sure to give your hair a little bit of TLC every day. Remember – however nice the colour, it’s not going to work well on dry or damaged hair.

Pastel-coloured Hair care and maintenence

Wash less, wash cold

Keeping your pastel-coloured hair looking dreamy and just-dyed for long is difficult, but a few changes to your usual hair care routine can improve considerably the lifetime of that brand new shade. Wash your hair less frequently, 1-2 times a week, as washing every single day will quickly strip the colour – your natural hair oils and some dry shampoo will be your best friends here. And when you do wash it make sure the water is cold, so the colour doesn’t fade and your locks don’t dry out. Plus, upgrade your hair washing techniques by keeping some hair dye in stock to mix with your conditioner in the shower.

Avoid overheating and over-styling

Give your locks some rest. Colour-treated hair is more vulnerable to damage, so leave the heat styling tools aside and use styling products like hairspray and mousse with moderation. Too much heat and styling can wreak havoc with your dyed locks and strip the liveliness of the colour. Let your hair air dry for a change and embrace your natural hairstyle or use dry shampoo to boost its volume.

Pastel-coloured Hair care and maintenence

With a dramatic look like a pastel shade it’s important that you get professional support every now and then to maintain it, but there are plenty of things you can do at home too in order to keep the colour for longer. These are the top tips when it comes to pastel-coloured hair. Don’t let the maintenance requirements put you off – dramatic and exciting looks can be fun and most definitely worth it so go out, embrace the trend and try some pinks, purples and blues today!

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