Hello readers and welcome to my little space on the internet!

* Born 19/04/1990 (makes me currently 23 years of age) *
* I stand at 5ft 5 Inches (pretty average) *
* I have extreeeeeemely dark brown eyes *
* Naturally my hair is a browny/reddy colour *
* Training to be a Dramatherapist *
* Work part-time as a bar maid to cover my spending habit *
* Born & bread in South Yorkshire - Donny Bird *
* Love to sing & play Piano (see my youtube channel) *
* Can you believe I used to have the nasty habit of biting my nails? *
* Love painting my nails in all sorts of fancy ways (stops me nibbling) *
* My favourite colour is green *
* Really not fond of pink!!! Ewww *
* I have a freakish phobia of.......... Mushrooms :( *
* I love to eat Noodles & Indian food *
* My favourite place to visit is Centre Parcs *
* One wish I have is to visit Croatia & see much of it's breath-taking scenery *
❤ 12/07/2009 was the day Me & Kevin got together 

I never even knew beauty blogging existed until a friend introduced me to Zoella. As soon as I started following her blog and many others I knew that I wanted to start writing my own. I've always been addicted to trying new products and experimenting with my hair, nails and make-up so beauty blogging seemed perfect for me. I've really enjoyed blogging so far and wonder what I ever did with my spare time before I began.

Katie Lew La is a nickname my Dad gave me when I was very young, basically it has just stuck in my mind ever since. I never considered any other names for my blog because this one seemed perfect for me & I never see me growing out of it because it's quite personal :)

Hope you keep enjoying to read my little blog as it grows and grows :)

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