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Apologies again for my lack of posting! As previously mentioned I’ve become a workaholic!!!
These might be ever so slightly delayed (oooops) but without further ado these are my New Year nails!! 
They were pretty rushed so the numbers aren’t great (imagine what my right hand looked like haha) but you get the general idea 🙂
Nails of the week - 2013 OPI skyfall
Below is a gift I received for christmas from my partners Grandma (how amazing is she!) (apologies to those of you with grandmas who buy you unfashionable items and reindeer jumpers hehehe)

OPI skyfall nail set
The colours in this skyfall set are really really nice, right up my street! I particularly LOVE the glittery black polish which isn’t too visible in this picture but I cannot wait to use it and then you’ll be able to get a better view 🙂
The glitter polish is very similar to a Models own in Ibiza mix (is it? I’m not 100% sure) which might be more affordable if you like this and don’t want to splash out too much. Very very similar!
The red I used for these nails does take a few coats and I found that when I brushed over it wasn’t very even and brushed off some of the other polish leaving clear streaks, although this might be what I put on underneath I’m not 100% sure, so apologies if it is just me and my choice of base coat. They do stay chip free for quite a long time and look great and glossy!
Hope you enjoy
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