Lily-Flame rhubarb candle review

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Whilst I was on my travels around the UK, I came across a few shops selling Lily-Flame Candles. It’s not a brand that I’ve come across before and I found myself spending countless minutes opening the lids and breathing in the mouth watering flavours these candles have to offer. I say flavours as appose to scents simply because they literally smell good enough to eat!
It was one of those occasions for me when I know I want something but can’t quite put my finger on which one – the indecisive being that I am – but when I entered one shop and found myself once again sniffing away and making my tummy grumble, I found this! A rhubarb and custard scented candle. Oh my gosh I was sold immediately sold and knew it was the one for me. Say hello to my new best friend…..


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These candles look simple yet beautiful taking position on your dresser or window ledge and they smell absolutely amazing. I’ve already burnt it for about 10 hours and you can see it’s still got a long way to go. I haven’t had any memory rings left in the candle even after burning it for only an hour or so. I dread the day when this baby runs out because it’s doing a stellar job of making my room smell like an old fashioned sweet shop.
I will definitely repurchase this lovely candle and may even try out some more scents from Lily-Flame.
What’s your favourite Lily-Flame Candle?
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