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It has become relatively clear to me recently that I buy a lot of bargains on eBay. Now when I say bargains I mean under the £5 mark more often than not! I post most of my eBay finds on my Instagram but for those of you that don’t have it or who would like to see the pictures in full view & know a little bit more info, I’ve decided to start posting my eBay finds on my blog 🙂
I have had quite a few eBay finds recently so I might backdate them a bit but this one is my most recent which I have received this week.
Ebay Lace Phone Case
How super super adorable is this phone case? I bought this one from China as it was slightly cheaper. It was £2.79 
But…. whilst searching for my links earlier I discovered that there is now a UK seller of these lovely little cases for those of you are interested (delivery is MUCH faster)
They are also available in a few other colours (ice cream colours they call them) & I honestly think they are all lovely. I might have to buy another colour!
Here is me rocking the phone case in true style with messy hair & galaxy nails (lazy day) 😀
Ebay Lace Phone Case
Let me know if you like this kind of post & I will definitely do it more often & back date my other recent eBay finds 😀
Hope you enjoy.

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  1. I was literally just looking at this case, and then I saw this post and I was like ahhh it's so pretty!

    Shame I don't actually have an iPhone though, I can dream 🙁

    Charlotte xo

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