How to Remove Leftover Colour from your Hair

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fashion colour removal
Fashion hair colours are all the rage at the moment, but what’s annoying is after your lovely colour has faded, it can leave a less than attractive hue in your hair. This was the case for me after my nice pastel blue had begun to wash out and suddenly because a green colour than resembled too much time in a chlorine bath. Not attractive! I’ve experimented a bit, trying to remove the green tinge from my hair and I can now present you with my recipe for removing leftover colour.
Here’s what you’ll need
How to remove hair colour
At first you might think “what on earth is she going on about?” just bear with me and I’ll explain.
You’ll need;
  • A mixing Bowl
  • 2 1000mg Vitamin C Tablets
  • Some Ash Blonde Shampoo such as this, or purple toning shampoo
  • Regular shampoo
  • A hint of red/pink hair dye
What next you say?
Add the two Vitamin C tablets to your mixing bowl and crush them with the back of a spoon until they make a fine powder. You can always add a little hot water and make a paste if your not sure that it’s fine enough. Add a generous splodge, blob, drop (whatever you’re feeling) of toning shampoo to the Vitamin C powder and enough regular shampoo to be able to cover the entire of your hair. Lastly add a small amount of red/pink hair dye to the mixture and mix it all together thoroughly. We aren’t trying to dye your hair pink so don’t go too crazy – unless of course that’s what you’d like.
Next apply the mixture generously to the entire of your hair and rub it in as you would with regular shampoo. I would also advise wearing gloves to protect your hands whilst doing so.
Next up, cover your head with a plastic bag, or clingfilm if you don’t have a bag to hand. Yes, I know that I look ridiculously sexy in my sailor-esque carrier bag but it’s going to work wonders in saturating all of my hair and keeping in heat whilst this mixture works it’s magic.
After you’ve added your carrier bag, we’re going to cover it up – thank goodness – with a hot hair turban towel, or just a regular old towel that you don’t mind getting a little messy.
At least we’re looking a little more normal now.
I left the mixture on my hair for about an hour and thirty minutes as I had time to spare. I would recommend leaving it on for as long as you can to get the best results. I can only comment on the results I achieved from doing this and it didn’t turn my pink afterwards. If you’re worried about it tinting your hair slightly, then keep checking the hair to see the results, and wash it off when you feel it’s reached the colour you’d like.
Here are my results
fashion colour removal
 As you can see, all of that bluey, green tint has gone and I am left once again with fresh blonde hair.
Now you want to know, how does this work?
Vitamin C is known as an Ascorbic Acid and applying these acids to hair causes the cuticles to open, making it easier to remove colour build up. On the colour wheel, red/pink is opposite green which is why I use a small amount of hair colour to cancel out the green tint left in my hair after colour fade. Whilst the cuticles are open – thanks to the Ascorbic Acid – these products can get to work in removing unwanted colour build up, leaving you with lighter hair.
As far as I am aware, this method will only work on coloured hair as a gentle colour stripper therefore it wouldn’t have any effect on virgin hair. I’m really impressed with this method and the results I achieved after just one attempt. I wouldn’t advise using this method too many times, as although it’s not nearly as damaging as bleach it can cause dryness due to the acids present in Vitamin C tablets. Get your hair mask at the ready to apply once you have done this treatment to avoid brittle hair.
Impressive though right?
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  1. I did something similar when I was trying to fade my almost black hair as much as possible ready for stripping to go red. I used Head & Shoulders and crushed vitamin C tablets in and left it on as long as possible. The first time it didn't do too bad and took the blackness out down to a darker brown but attempts after that didn't do much more x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

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