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(Media Kit available upon request)

Over the years I have built a lovely following here on KatieLewLa. My readers are as dedicated to my blog as I am to answering their questions and supplying them with good content. If you are a local business, brand, blogger or someone looking to promote something you love with my followers, then please get in touch, I would love to hear from you. It goes without saying that all content here on KatieLewLa is in keeping with my individual preferences and tastes. In order to maintain that integrity for myself and my readers, I will only accept collaborations from those in keeping with my blog content. Here are some ways which you might like to collaborate with KatieLewLa;
Product Reviews
Here on KatieLewLa product reviews probably make up the majority of my posts which means this might be the perfect place for you to advertise your wonderful products. Does your brand/company have a product that you think me and my readers will love? Maybe a nail product, hair care/colour item, yummy healthy food, makeup/skincare products or something exciting you’d love for me and my readers to experience then please get in touch! You might be included in a makeup routine, nail art design or even my monthly favourites.
Sponsored Posts
You might think that your brand would sit nicely on KatieLewLa and if that’s the case then get in touch. For a reasonable price I can write specific content for a particular brand/product/place etc. All content is 100% honest and must be suited to KatieLewLa and it’s readership.
Are you looking to promote your brand/product by generously offering products for give aways or reduced prices? If KatieLewLa seems like the suitable place to apply your generosity then please contact me.
I aim to keep my blog looking clean, de-cluttered and appealing to my readers so I’m not keen on having the whole place taken over by Ads. However, I do have some small spaces on KatieLewLa where ads would fit nicely without being too garish and off-putting. I love to support others as much as I can, so whether you are a new blogger wanting to add a blog button to my sidebar or a business looking to promote products please get in touch to discuss my reasonable pricing.
If there are any other creative ways that you would like to collaborate with KatieLewLa then I am always open to suggestions and would be happy to hear from you. Providing that your content fits in with my blog and will be beneficial for my readers I can see no reason why we shouldn’t work together.
I hope to hear from you soon!