4 Shimmery Blushers for Summer

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summer blush shades
Here in the UK we’ve seen an ungenerous preview of Spring/Summer weather but no matter how few and far between those days are, no one hesitates to whip out the summer clothing and get outside whilst they can. Summer days aren’t a regular occurrence for us so we simply must make the most of those days we get. As a Beauty Blogger, one thing I love most about summer is changing my shades of makeup to more shimmery, pastel tones to suit my bronzed, freckly skin and that starts today with Blushers.
There are 4 shimmery blushers that I have been loving over the past few weeks so I thought I’d share the love for them with you.
summer blush shades

Accessorize Merged Baked Blusher

The first shimmery blusher is one I’ve had for a while and although it’s not too common amongst the blogosphere I absolutely love it. Whats more, it never seems to go down (I wonder if it will ever come to an end). That is the Accessorize Merged Baked Blusher in Sensation. I apologise in advance if this product is no longer available but I wanted to give it some credit. I only own a couple of Accessorize Makeup Products but actually they’re really nice and this Blusher is perfect for Summer. It has an amazing amount of subtle peachy pink shimmer which makes it perfect to double up as a Blusher and Highlighter in one. I usually lean towards shades that are suited to warmer skin tones but I honestly think this product would suit both as it’s a mixture of pink and peach tones. A little goes such a long way because this products lifts onto my Blush brush so well and applies like a dream. I love it and I’ll be pretty sad when/if it ever ends.

shimmery pink and peach blusher

Soap and Glory Peach Party

I absolutely adore using peachy shades in the Summer and I also love multipurpose products which this is. Soap and Glory Peach Party doubles up as a shimmery Blusher and Highlighter but it also has a darker shade in there that works nicely to bronze your cheeks. I tend to apply this instead of a bronzer, blusher and highlighter trio when I’m in a rush or on days when I’m going very minimal because it’s so easy to use and ticks many boxes. I would say that this product has more golden undertones so might suit warmer skin tones more so than cool, but again it’s quite subtle and not blatantly golden. It has a range of 4 different peach tones ranging from a really light pinky peach, to a dark bronze peach (sorry if my descriptions aren’t great, the colours are difficult to describe). I tend to take my brush, swirl it around the entire palette and enjoy the mixture of colours as a multi tasking bronzer/highlighter/blusher as mentioned. However, if you preferred I’m sure you could take a smaller brush and choose specific shades to use as a highlighter or blush if you want to utilise the specific shades. I don’t feel it lifts onto my brush as easily as the Accessorize Merged Baked Blusher, but then it’s a darker shade so that’s probably a positive thing. You wouldn’t want to over do it.

Summer blusher

Makeup Revolution Sugar and Spice

Last but not least in my shimmery blushers is the Makeup Revolution Palette in Sugar and Spice, in particular the 2 shades furthest to the right in the palette that I have focused on in the photo below. I’m not usually much of a pink person but I’m quite partial to a bit of pink shimmery highlighting every now and then and these two are perfect. The top shade is a really light pink which I consider more of a highlighter than blusher really, but it gives an amazing pretty pink shimmer to your cheeks. The shade below is very similar but a darker pink colour and sometimes I combine the two together, the darker pink as a blusher and the lighter shade as a highlighter to finish it off. I would say I’m most drawn to these two colours in the whole palette actually. The pigment and pick up of these blushers is great, they blend and build really well and at only £6 for 8 blushers there really is nothing to complain about.

2 shimmery blush shades
All 4 of these Shimmery Blusher shades are perfect for summer as they’re light, peachy and shimmery. They would be great to give a subtle glow to bronzed skin, making them perfect for holidays or the warmer months. You’ll notice on many of my Instagram photos recently that I have shimmery cheeks and that is thanks to these lovely products.

Do you have any favourite shimmery blushers? I’d love to hear about them.
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