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Friday, September 27, 2013

Good morning my lovelies. 

Apologies for the lack of love on KatieLewLa recently. I've started my second year of my masters degree this month which has been rather hectic. It's safe to say that life has been keeping me on my toes as of late which is pleasing. But you'll hopefully be pleased to know that I've discovered some awesome photo editing software on my mobile, so I'm currently experimenting with that in between my busy schedule. I'm hoping this will be a fix for the withdrawal symptoms I'm having from getting snap happy and photo edit crazy and will mean I can post for all you lovely people more often! Win win! (If it works)

Today's post is on a cleanser I've been trying for the past few weeks. That is..... (you probably guessed it already) the lush Aqua Marina fresh facial cleanser

Lush aqua marina fresh facial cleanser review
I'm aware the quality transferred from my phone isn't amazing but I think it's liveable isn't it?

So let's start with the positives. Or the pro's as we like to call them. Firstly the staff in lush are what I would call "spot on!" They are so helpful and couldn't give me enough of their time in helping me choose the right cleanser for me. Top marks for the customer service! 
Secondly the array of ingredients listed in the fresh facial cleansers are pretty darn wonderful and pleasing to the reader (which happens to be me, a beauty product addict) so it's always a relief to see a selection of natural ingredients with no harmful chemical nasties in there such as sulphates and parabens. I don't know about anyone else but I immediately think, yessss my skin will thank me for this. Just a few of the appealing ingredients in Aqua Marina are patchouli for brightening, seaweed and clay for oil absorbing, aloe vera for its pesky spot soothing properties and sea salt for its gentle natural exfoliation. The list of yummy ingredients goes on but I won't keep you too long. At £6.35 for 100g it isn't a bad price either and I would say that it would last you around a month if you don't use too much.

Onto the slightly annoying.....
The consistency of this cleanser is quite tricky and time consuming to work with. I'm a simple girl who likes a fast and easy to apply cleanser so that I don't need to spend more time than needed removing the day from my face. So I take a pea sized amount of aqua marina in the palm of my hand, add a small amount of water and gently begin to work it into a paste. When you have your desired consistency you can begin to massage it into the face. It does rub in quite nicely and I found it had quite a tingly, cleaning effect whilst gently massaging it in. I don't feel the makeup removal quality is very impressive but if you don't mind double cleansing then I guess it's not an issue worth crying about. If you're looking for quick and easy makeup removal I don't feel that this is it. It did leave me with a squeaky clean sort of feeling which is good for those with oilier skin but still for some reason I was never satisfied. Unlike other cleansers I've used I still didn't feel convinced that my skin was as clean as it could be but I stuck with it.....

After sticking with it for around 3/4 weeks I must say I was feeling quite let down. My chin and forehead had broken out with really sore under the skin spots, and I was not a happy bean at all. I eventually decided after all that hard work and making a chalky mess of my sink, that this cleanser was just not for me. As much as I wish it was. I still have quite a sufficient splodge left in the tub and I might use it as more of a facemask every now and then to use it up, but as a cleanser it just didn't cut it for me. It's kind of put me off trying another lush cleanser as it's too much like hard work and not enough paid off for it to feel worth it (sad face). It's not all that often I feel this disappointed with a product but unfortunately my skin just did not agree with it. I think for those with oilier skin this could be good for its oil absorbing qualities. Dry and more sensitive skins I would possibly steer clear as I feel it's aimed more at problematic skin but for me it caused more of a problem than I began with.

Sorry lush. I still love you, however I think I'll stick to bath and shower items for the time being....

Please do let me know about your experiences with lush cleansers. 

Hope you enjoy. 

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  1. I have never tried any of the Lush cleansers, although I have (and still do) adore their masks. I basically just wasn't sure they would do anything for my skin, as I have really bad skin these days and I've become a bit set in my ways as to the type of things I know work well!

    Really useful to hear a review of something which didn't work for somebody to be honest, you often hear so many glowing reviews that you feel like everything must work for everybody, but that's just because all the people things don't work for keep quiet!

    1. I believe in honesty, but like I said, just because it didn't work for me it might be useful for someone else with a different skin type. X

  2. I have never tried aqua marina before but i absolutely swear by their ultrabland cleanser, i have review on it on my blog if your interested, its a lot easier to work with than this one by the sounds of it! Abby xx

    An Uninventive Name

    1. I have actually since tried the ultra bland but I think it was too oily for my skin, great for moisturising but unfortunately I didn't like the feeling it left on my skin :( really glad that it's working for you though X


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