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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nails of the week Ladybug Love nail art.

Good Afternoon my lovelies :)

This week I've been feeling the love for the bugs. I met a friendly grasshopper whilst grazing in the garden and was landed on by a ladybug or two!

ladybug love nail art step by step

Step 1- Choose a lovely red colour. (I have also seen these done in other colours which look pretty darn cool too) I used an FCUK polish which annoyingly doesn't have a name :( It came in a set for christmas & I've just found it here for only £3!! BARGAIN ALERT! (p.s I love the quality of these polishes)

Step 2- Add accent nails to your thumb and ring finger (or any that take your fancy) using a red glitter polish. I used OPI in 'you only live twice' which I believe is from the Skyfall collection.

Step 3- Create the seen shape using a striper polish or simply using a black polish and nail art brush. I find it easiest to hold the striper brush on and then move the nail accordingly rather than trying to keep a steady hand. I used the models own nail art pen in Black.

Step 4- Time to add all those spots :) 2 white spots for eyes, followed by two black spots for the pupils (try not to make your poor ladybird boz eyed like I did hehe) Then add black polka dots wherever else you like. You can experiment to your hearts desire with the spots. Make them as large or as small as you like!

3D lady bird nails

I managed to give mine a 3D effect by adding quite thick blobs with the spotting end of my models own nail art pen. Remember to make sure to leave them to dry before applying the topcoat otherwise the 3D spots might sink & your little ladybugs won't look so life like.

Hope you like my little creatures! Let me know what you think in the comments.
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  1. These are the cutest nails I've ever seen xx
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  2. Love this! I don't think I'd be artistic enough to make mine this effective :( x

    1. I wouldn't particularly say I'm artistic, and I certainly don't have a steady hand lol just a lot of patience hehe X

  3. Cute :)

  4. These are far too cute! xx

    1. Might have to do something similar again soon :) x


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