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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Helloooooo :)

I've been looking at the panda nails for a while and fancying experimenting, however it's been done so much that I wanted to do something a little different. On the animal theme I chose frogs, mainly because my favourite colour is green. 

How adorable are they? hehe

Nails of the week, frog nail art

Here's a little zoom in of my froggie friends.

Nails of the week, frog nail art

They really are quite easy to do.

1. Paint your nails a colour of your choice.
2. Using a darker green polish paint a semi circle on the end of your nail.
3. With the same colour use a dotting tool to create two large dots for eyes. (you'll then have the basic frog shape)
4. Next using a white polish make two dots inside the eyes using a smaller dotting tool.
5. Using an even smaller dotting tool add black dots inside the white to create the eyes.
6. Using the same black, make two small dots or lines for the nose.
7. Using a larger dotting tool again add two rosy cheeks using a colour of your choice, or you can skip this part if you'd prefer.
8. Finally wait until they're 100% dry and add a top coat. (make sure they are completely dry so that the colours don't smudge together)

Voila! Ribbit Ribbit!!!

Hope you like my nails of the week as much as I do :)
Let me know what you think or if you have any similar ideas I could try....

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  1. These are adorable!
    Once my nails have grown out! Because they all snapped :( whhhaaaaaa, I will be trying this :) x

  2. These are so cute! I want to get back into doing some pretty nail art! I'm waiting for mine to grow and they seem to be taking forever!

    Sophs xx
    The Sopho Diaries

  3. Those are so cute! I think I'm going to take this template and try to make little bunnies! Very, very cool! :)

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  4. these are sooo cute! :) x x x

  5. SOOOOO cuuuute <3

  6. These are so cute, i think on your toes would be so good on holiday dipping them in the pool!

  7. These are amazing! SO creative :)

    Katie xx

  8. Aww these are SO cute! I'm definitely going to have to give these a go :)

  9. Best nails ever :)

  10. These are absolutely adorable!! xx

  11. Ahhh I've fallen in love with your nails, I wish I could do this, it looks so pretty

    A little bit Unique


  12. I'm your newest follower :)
    lovely blog and I really like your layout!! xx xx

  13. These are adorable, so cute!

  14. So cute nails! love the design!

    I am new follower from #bbloggers chat :D

  15. Omg I dieeee these nails are adorable!! I wish I had a steady enough hand to do something like this love them! xo


  16. These are perfect !!! can't wait to check out your others xxx

    What exactly is a dramatherapist?

    Your blog is really great btw and I'd love for you to check out mine; and maybe we can follow each other :)

  17. these are so adorable! i love the background colour, the green really pops out :)

  18. I love your blog! I've just stumbled across it and I love your NOTW posts! They've all given me so many great ideas! Taylor xxx

  19. these are so adorable! Honestly, they are so cool!

    Please check out my blog if you have the time x


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