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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Good evening readers :)

For a while I've been making all sorts of desperate attempts to grow my hair. One of these is not washing my hair too often and stripping hair of it's natural oils. Not washing your hair as often does help with hair growth and that's where dry shampoo comes into it.

Amongst the dry shampoo's I've used I think that these are the most popular and I wanted to share with you my thoughts.

Here goes......

Dry Shampoo Reviews, batiste, superdrug

I start with something simple and that is the scent.
Both of these products smell lovely and summery, think citrus and coconuts and all things beachy. I can't say that one smells better than the other, I really do like them both. The Batiste does smell more cococnutty so if you're a fan of the scent I would go for that :)

The initial spray on
One thing in particular that I love so much about the batiste is that you can see exactly how much you're spraying on and where exactly it's going. However with the superdrug one I don't see this as much. I like to see the product on my hair so that I know that there is something actually going on there. That might just be my weird self, I don't know. This means the batiste takes more rubbing in but is definitely worth the effort. I've tried to vigorously shake the superdrug can but still nothing :S

When I use the batiste dry shampoo it leaves my hair feeling clean, smelling fresh and looking grease free, it adds volume and certainly doesn't weigh my hair down. I really love using it and it means I don't need to wash my hair everyday to keep it looking and feeling clean and manageable. 
The superdrug dry shampoo on the other hand doesn't feel as good. Although it does stop my hair from looking greasy and makes it smell lovely and fruity, it makes it feel dirty and quite awful. I don't mind so much if I'm tying my hair back as it definitely adds volume and I'm less likely to touch it, however if I have my hair down it still feels unclean and rather grubby. Not impressive. I much prefer how the batiste makes my hair feel, it clearly really absorbs any oil on your hair rather than just masking it which is what the superdrug one seems to do for me :( I've also tried the superdrug dry shampoo for brunettes and I had exactly the same problem.

Long lasting?
If your a person who likes to have your hair down a lot then I would recommend the batiste as it makes your hair feel clean to touch and lasts for a good few days. I usually add this on the second day after washing and leave it in for 2 days. Even when I wash my hair on the 3rd day it doesn't feel greasy at all. If it's a last minute fix and you plan to wash your hair the same day or next morning I think the superdrug one is ok. It doesn't really last for more than one day, it just seems to make your hair feel grubbier. Not so bad if you're just tying it up though.

There are my thoughts on these two dry shampoos. Obviously the results are different for everyone so you might prefer the superdrug version to batiste's, but for me Batiste is a clear winner!!! Let me know what your thoughts are on these two products.

Are there any other dry shampoo's you'd recommend I try? I love to try new things :)

Hope you enjoy 

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  1. I agree with you about your hair not feeling too great after using the Superdrug one - I think it's absolutely pants and has no effect at all :( It's a shame because I stocked up on 3 cans while there was an offer on but just binned them instead and wish I'd spent my money on reliable Batiste instead! xxx

  2. Batiste all the way :) Nice review comparison!

  3. I loveeeee the Lush dry shampoo!

  4. great post! xx

  5. I love Batiste, it's a total life saver, I use it so often, even just for adding a bit of volume...I do find that the scent reminds me a bit of Malibu though! This is definitely a product i'd struggle to be without!

    Sophs xx

    The Sopho Diaries

  6. I adore the batiste, I don't think I could live with out it. I'm growing my hair too :) xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  7. I have never tried dry shampoos! I should give them a try sometime. xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  8. I've used both of these, I preferred the Batiste :)

  9. hey i found your blog on and i like it a lot! i think you have a very appealing blog layout and everything is really cleanly done. i'm now following you on GFC. can't wait to see more great posts from you in the future :)

    xoxo Sarah

  10. Aw that sucks when a dry shampoo makes your hair feels even dirtier, yuck! I love the scent of Batiste Tropical too x


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