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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Afternoooooon :)

The past couple of days have been so lovely and sunny so I've taken this opportunity to go outside and take some photos with my new camera! I must say that I rather enjoyed myself. The weather definitely takes effect on my mood (anyone else find that?).

Anyways enough rambling and on with the reason I'm here......

Tigi Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Todays review is on the Tigi Catwalk Honey & Oatmeal (click link to purchase on amazon) range which just for the record smells absolutely out of this world!!!!! I'm sure you know by now that I get pretty excited about the scents of products and this is no exception. Just thought I'd get that out of the way early on. Haha.
I purchased this on a whim when they had it in B&M quite a few months ago now. I think that they were £4.99 each if I remember rightly which is really good in comparison to the price you would usually pay. Plus these products have been discontinued by Tigi so you pay more than normal to hunt them down and purchase them.
I used it once when I first bought it and it didn't impress me all that much so it has taken a back seat in my cupboard for quite some time. However in the past few months the condition of my hair has DRASTICALLY changed. I've stopped bleaching it, cut down on heat styling and am letting my hair grow naturally. By George is it thanking me for it. So since I'd used up the last products I was using I decided to give this another go. 

The shampoo is really really lovely. It lathers up so well, you don't need to use a lot so it will last for quite a while. When I used it a few months back I thought it lathered quite badly however I think the problem was that I wasn't using a clarifying shampoo back then. Since then I've started using a chelating shampoo every few times I wash my hair and this makes a remarkable difference to how well other products work. The Catwalk shampoo is by no means clarifying, so just bare that in mind. Another thing I love about it is that it doesn't leave your hair feeling squeaky clean. It leaves it feeling cleansed and fresh but moisturised at the same time which is really what I want in a shampoo. P.S it smells LUSH! :)

Onto the conditioner. Again when I used this a few months back I didn't find it nearly moisturising enough but my hair was in need of moisture and LOTS of it then. However, now it's quite perfect. It is  light so if you're looking for a thirst quenching, rich conditioner then this is not it, but for me I find that it's the perfect balance. It moisturises my hair just enough without weighing it down and leaving it feeling greasy. I've found that since using this I haven't needed to wash my hair as often which is fantastic. Plus when I'm using a really good leave in conditioner that does the job of any detangling for me.

 I have only one negative point about this product and that is with the bottle. I find it really difficult to open the caps on the lid to use the product when my hands are wet so I have to leave them open all the time. This clearly isn't a big issue and would never put me off using it but it's quite annoying that I have to use my teeth to get into it..... (blaaah)

 Overall I'm really enjoying using this shampoo and conditioner and I would definitely repurchase it. I wouldn't use this if my hair was a lot more damaged and in the condition it used to be. However if your hair is quite healthy then this might give you just the right balance of moisture without leaving your hair feeling built up.

Let me know what you think to this range if you've tried it.

Hope you enjoy

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  1. I was looking at these in B & M the other day but I passed on it as I thought it was a very moisturising range and might not suit my hair, but from the sounds of it I might like it :) xx

  2. Omg I love your blog.I have been looking for a new shampoo so I might try that. Be sure to check out my blog xx

  3. This range looks so nice and great review on it!! your photos look so pretty outside!! cant wait untill summer for some lovely outdoor pics :)

    Love Emily xx

  4. LOVE tigi products, always try pick them up in places like watt bros. A good shampoo makes all the difference x

  5. I've never tried TIGI products but they have really good reviews! I swear by Tresseme for my hair - the natural range makes it look amazing!

  6. OOO I may try these now! I love your picture- so arty on the grass!
    Rosy x

  7. These sound lovely and what a bargain I just bought some tigi shampoos off feel unique for 26+ !! Xx

    mac lippy giveaway ::

  8. I want to try these now, but I already have 23954 shampoos :( haha!

    I'm a new follower :) Found you on the bbloggers bloghop!

    Kate x

    Fashbox Beauty & Style

  9. Great review! I hate bottles that have ridiculously difficult lids for wet hands :D
    Visiting from the #bbloggers blog hop xoxo
    A Thing of Beauty

  10. You got these at a great price! Never tried anything from the tigi catwalk range but these sound good!

    Sita xx

  11. Ive only ever tried catwalks root boost when i had my hair 'frankie sandford' esk. May have to give others a whirl x


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