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Monday, February 04, 2013

 Hello lovely readers :)

Today is a little review of another item I got for christmas from the other half's awesome Grandma!

OPI Avoplex cuticle oil to go review

I firstly have to admit that I put this into my new products basket and completely forgot about it, what a mistake! I haven't had chance to do much with my nails the past couple of weeks so my cuticles have become quite dry and generally just pretty ugly. I remember that I'd got this for christmas so fished it out in the hope it would perform a miracle for me. 

So has it........?

OPI Avoplex cuticle oil to go review

It blooming well has!!

I was pleasantly surprised when I took of the lid and realised that it was a brush on the end, not just a squeezy tube (what a great idea). It makes it so easy to apply just to your cuticles without having too much wasted product like I find with other cuticle oils/creams. 

The products smells absolutely delicious and looking at the ingredients list I can see why. It contains lots of natural yumminess such as Avocado Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil & Sesame Seed Oil. It has a lovely subtle fruity scent and feels unbelievably moisturising. I apply the oil and let it sink in for approximately 20-30 minutes before using an orange stick to gently push back the dried cuticles and it couldn't have been easier. It also leaves my nails looking really glossy and naturally beautiful afterwards. 

This product will definitely be taking a front seat in my nail care regime and I'm slapping myself on the wrist for not using a good cuticle oil sooner and much more often. It really does help to keep your nails looking beautiful without having to fight with your cuticles to make them look presentable.

This products sells for £10.25 in Boots which isn't too far out of my reach for a luxurious product such as this. I would definitely repurchase! 

Has anyone else tried this little gem or any others that might impress me?

Hope you enjoy

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  1. Your nails look really really good, a good alternative to use is also extra virgin olive oil :-) xo

  2. I NEED this product in my life. Im so bad with my cuticles :( Going have to check this out so thank you lovely!!

    Love Emily xx

  3. Oh I have this, my boyfriend's mum bought it and didn't like it so she gave it to me haha! Lovely review girly :)


  4. This sounds lovely, and it sounds like something I need at the moment xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  5. This looks amazing, my cuticles are currently horrendous, they're all dry and peeling, and I'm desperate for a good cuticle oil. This one looks fantastic, and wont break the bank - result! x

  6. Your nails look super pretty! I really want to get my hands on some of the OPI nail treatments, heard such good things Xx


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