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Monday, 11 February 2013

Good morning my sweets :)

Last week I went on a bit of a nail art buying rampage!! Now it's not a good time for me to be spending at the moment as I'm trying hard to save for moving house (which is happening pretty sooooon eeeeeek). However I feel I can justify having a bit of a nail art binge and I'm pretty certain you'll agree when you see the pittance I paid for these items!!

Firstly are these studs. There are 300 square studs of which I paid a whopping £1.99 for (hehe) They also do these in other shapes e.g. triangle, oval, star, heart etc! Link Below!

Secondly are these lovely nail sequins. The reason I purchased these was because I fancied using some for valentine themed nails. I've seen many other bloggers nail designs using these and to be quite honest they just look fabulous. So sparkly and glam. I'm really looking forward to experimenting with these. I think they'd look great on just one finger nail or covering all nails for a really sparkly look. These I paid £2.25 for which in my opinion for 12 little pots is an absolute bargain! Very happy indeed!

I absolutely LOVE ebay for all things nail arty. I think the majority of my nail art collection from striper polishes to brushes to stickers are all purchased on ebay at ridiculously cheap prices. No where else can match these prices so I will continue to hunt for trendy nail items on here! Both items were from Hong Kong which is partly why they were so cheap, but I think I only waited approximately 2 weeks for these items (if you're not in a rush for them then it's not a problem).

Hope I've given you some nail arty inspiration.


  1. I love the pots of sequins! Very nice :D xxxx

  2. Ebay is great for nearly everything!
    Very precious finds you did there, hopefully we'll see some nail - sequin - action here on the blog very soon? :)

  3. Ooh I love the sequins, ebay is fab for bits and bobs like this xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  4. The sequins are my fave, looking forward to seeing what looks you create with them!


    What makes Rach

  5. *Goes and orders little glitter pots*


  6. Love the sparkles so much!! xx


  7. Those sequins are so pretty! Have you purchased little pots of beads like the caviar nail polish from ebay? You can get 12 decent sized posts in different colours for $3, and they are just like the caviar nail beads. I have a post on them here: http://cupcakesandcocainexo.blogspot.co.nz/2012/12/caviar-nails-3-for-12-colours.html xx

  8. Can't wait to see what you do with your nails, the glitter looks great! Love the sequins Xx

    I've added your button to my blog huni! Xx

  9. eBay is so good for cute nail art things, I've just bought a cheap set of brushes so I can do some more intricate designs :) xo

  10. they are so cute! such a good idea to hit ebay

    chloe @chlowitty blogs

  11. cant wait to see some nail looks with these goodies! xx

  12. i look forward to seeing some new nail art designs :)

  13. I'm the same for ebay and nail bits!


    Paige xo