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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Todays post is a small haul (poet & I don't even know it) from The Body Shop.

May I first say that I'm very rapidly becoming a body shop junkie! In the past year I've found my HG shower gel here and have tried & tested many other products of theirs that I LOVE, such as the tea tree pore reducing primer, seaweed toner and their indulgent hand creams. (I'm thinking I should do a body shop favourites post) What do you think? :)

One thing I absolutely adore about The Body Shop is their jaw-droppingly outstanding sales! They are soooo difficult to resist that I pretty much give in to temptation every time, there are many products that I still want to try. The most recent is their 40% off everything including sale items. WOW right? (it's still on now if you get there quick!)

So onto my purchases..... (All these images have been taken with my new camera which I am very excited about)

The Body Shop Mini Haul

My regular readers will probably know about my love for The Body Shops limited edition Spiced Pumpkin shower gel (HG) but as much as it pains me to say it (little cry) it has been discontinued!!! So when they brought out the Ginger Sparkle range at christmas it made me really giddy and I hoped it would fill a gap... You'll be pleased to know it has done exactly that! I now own just about every product in this range. The smell is absolutely delicious, spicy and sweet and it indeed resembles gingerbread covered with oodles of icing! Pleeeeease DO NOT discontinue these items at christmas I beg you!!!! I think they make my year :)

the body shop rainforest moisture hair butter

I bought a friend of mine the Rainforest Moisture range for christmas and they absolutely love it! Even I can tell a difference since they've been using this shampoo, that's how amazing it has worked for them. I just had to try it out for myself and used this great opportunity to purchase some! This shampoo and hair butter is paraben, sulphate, colourant and silicone free so believe me your hair will thank you for it. I can't wait to try this. Fingers crossed it works as well for me as it has done others.

the body shop rainforest moisture, ginger sparkle

Now I'm off in the shower to use ALL of my lovely new products and smother myself in yummy yummy scented body butter!

Let me know if you would like to see a Body Shop favourites post.... and don't miss this amazing sale!

Hope you enjoy 

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  1. I didn't realise they'd discontinued that! I loved it and don't have any, and I guess never will again now :( But thanks for the heads up!

    Midnight Violets Beauty Blog

  2. I'm pretty sure they have unless they bring it out as limited edition again one day! I pray for that day lol xxx

  3. Oh wow these look like lovely little products :) really enjoyed your post and im so glad ive found your blog. Il carry on having a nosey :P

    Love Emily xx

    1. Ohh good :) So glad you like it. Thanks sweetie xxx

  4. Lovely haul, I got a lovely white musk set in The Body Shop sale, super impressed with all the low prices xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

    1. Oooh I've not sniffed the white musk range before xx

  5. Yes! You should do a favourites body shop post that would be amazing! Xx

  6. Hello lovely I'm your newest follower :) really enjoying your blog so far- especially this post- now I really want to try that shampoo!




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